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Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

Burnsville, MN   Text/Call: 507-990-5167; Text: 952-292-0524

pricing programs of Ballroom & Latin Dance Club in Burnsville, MN

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I have been going to Ballroom and Latin Dance Club for over 20 lessons now. I am very impressed with the quality of teaching, the flexibility, and the expertise. What I really like is they did not pressure me into a contract or package and is much more affordable than those franchise studios. I am a local small business owner myself and I like to support small independent businesses.

I have to say that Rose has transformed my two left feet into a distinct left and right. My motivation for learning dance was to confidently lead in most dance situations. I have a fancy to the East coast swing. I also wanted to learn so I can keep up with my girlfriend. She is a really good dancer. Both objectives have been achieved. My learning curve has exponentially improved and my girlfriend is very impressed with my confidence and ability to confidently lead.

Thank You Ballroom and Latin Dance Club!

David N. (St Paul, MN)

Gift Certificates are available for Newcomers with great discount!!

Please click Gift Certificates for details! Thanks!! 

Special discounted monthly cards for kids ages 7-12: $30.00 per person.

Ballroom & Latin Dance Club offers affordable and convenient pricing programs to meet your budget. We accept cash and check.

We have nine pricing programs. Every program has different benefits. All programs are non-refundable. Please click the program name below for details.

If you don’t know which pricing program you should select, please go to Visitor Guides for suggestions.

Drop In                         Monthly Card                              Punch Card 

Private Lesson Package                                                    VIP Membership Card

Company Membership Card                                            Wedding Lesson Package

Private Group Dance Package                                          Special Program Package